You Are Listing. Now What?

Washing the house front entrance stair steps and stone walls with pressure power washer

So you have decided to list your home! GULP. This decision does not have to bring on panic and stress! With a careful plan you can accomplish everything you should be doing to get ready. Where to begin? Here’s a short list that you can knock out relatively quickly.

Sarah and Lisa will be happy to talk you through the musts and the nice to do’s. As part of her Concierge Service, she has also amassed a staggering number of carefully vetted service providers that handle everything on this list and so much more. You’ll find providers for everything from A – Z (Air Duct Cleaning to Window Cleaning).

Go Outside Stand in the Street and Look

We all take the exterior view of our house for granted. After all we drive up every day and somewhere along the way stop paying attention. Curb appeal is real. Statistically, a majority of buyers make a large part of their decision on that first impression, and that first impression is built on how the home looks and the emotion around that.

Below are the tasks that most often need tackling so honestly evaluate your space and get busy.

Prune, Remove, and Edit Your Landscape

So prune the bushes. If you‘ve been in your home for a while and it’s starting to get buried in the landscape, consider removing some elements. Homes can look small really fast with overgrown trees and other landscaping.

Pressure Washing

Wash the driveway, mailbox, fence, gutters, front porch…essentially everything you can.


Perhaps the most impact that you can have is with a fresh coat of paint. It’s an investment, but one you should get back if you home sells quickly. If the entire house doesn’t need it, consider new paint for the front door and shutters. It can make a huge difference.

Evaluate and Replace

Consider replacing the mailbox, house numbers, front porch planters, welcome mat, and any other accents that may be bringing your fresh and inviting look down.

Now that you have gotten the exterior up to par, do the same exercise for the interior. Walk in your front door and throughout the house slowly and pretend you are a first time visitor.

Neutral is Your Best Friend

Potential buyers love neutrals. One, neutrals are very much in vogue at the moment, but two, it provides a restful, warm, calm invitation to buy. More vibrant colors may be your jam, but you need to forego that for the moment. Finally, going neutral is a great way to visually make spaces look bigger. So it’s neutral for the win, and perhaps the sell!

Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

These do kind of go away in our mind’s eye once we live with them for a bit. We sort of forget about them. So just like with the exterior, take a few moment and really stare at your current light fixtures. For inspiration check out HOUZZ or Pinterest.  You do not have to spend a fortune to update fixtures, and the impact can be significant.

Fix Your Floors

This may be as easy as a through carpet clean, or as pricey and labor intensive as refinishing your hardwoods, but great floors can really help bring buyers in. If you have rec or a basement, consider Luxury Vinyl… the new “got to” for such spaces.

Of course the extras that you can do, really do go on from here, but these fundamentals will go a long way to getting your property ready. Some sellers, rip off the band aid and try and finish everything simultaneously. After all, exterior and interior projects should be able to be accomplished at the same time. The other approach is to do one per month.

Remember, which approach works for you, is the best! In the meantime, please contact Chatel Group for any questions or advise when it comes to this important decision. She’s happy to share her extensive knowledge and resources to make sure you are supported every step of the way!