Working with a Skilled, Experienced Real Estate Agent

Mature couple with financial documents in home interior

Even in a seller’s market, the decision to hire a top real estate agent could mean the difference in thousands of dollars. As a seller, the odds are clearly in your favor in this robust seller’s market, but there are a TON of strategic moves you need to make ensuring your results.

As a buyer, an experienced agent can often “find” you a property that may not even be listed. When the search is long and hard, agents like Sarah and Lisa know how to persevere and guide you through the offer making process in a way that improves your chances considerably of winning a multi offer scenario. You can find the “Top 5 Questions to Ask an Agent Before Hiring Them” on our recent blog.

The Art of Pricing

The ability to determine valuation and pricing correctly is a science and an art. Doing it will help you achieve a quick sell as opposed to having it sit on the market. Also, when buying a property determining if the asking price is fair and accurate could save you thousands of dollars.

The art of pricing is not a stab or best guess, nor is it as simple as pulling a few comps. Sarah and Lisa use their extensive knowledge of all the intown neighborhoods to strategically price and value your property. Also, when representing buyers their comprehensive approach helps them determine if a property is overpriced.

Negotiation Talents

The ability to negotiate is perhaps one of the most important skills your agent can have. Sarah and Lisa have successfully negotiated literally dozens and dozens of transactions for their clients. Price is only one thing that can be negotiated. There are terms such as inspection period and earnest money. There are contingencies to consider as well. In short, everything is negotiable, and Sarah and Lisa can manage all those moving parts simultaneously to deliver the best possible outcome for you.

Insider Information

Sarah and Lisa have a tremendous client base and a very large social network. This has enabled them to find properties that have not been on the market, and find buyers without actually listing a client’s home. There is just no substitute for a deep and wide pool of connections and Chatel Group is very well connected.

Documents: Crossing T’s and Dotting I’s.

It’s staggering how much paperwork is involved in residential real estate. After all we are talking about large sums of money and lots of legalities. Mistakes on this document can be costly. Timing and precision are both critical and where the fastidious abilities of Sarah and Lisa come into play. As a buyer and seller, you need to be confident in your agent’s ability to handle this long list of documents.

You are not expected to know all the terms, conditions, and strategies in buying and selling your home. But you can choose Sarah and Lisa who do know and can be your best resource.

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