Updating Your Home? Do Not Forget the Exterior.

A very neat American house with gorgeous outdoor landscape. Northwest, USA.

Homeowners are typically more concerned about updates on the interior of their homes and often forget about the exterior. Your home’s exterior can date it quickly, and more importantly turn off potential buyers from swiping further to check out the interiors on your online listing, or stop them from stepping outside the car to come inside and check it out.

Turns out there are lots of little things when combined that can deliver some amazing results to the overall look and feel of your home’s exterior.

Also, good news, a lot of these things can be accomplished without calling in an expensive contractor. Just to be sure that your updates are in keeping with the particular architectural style of your home.

This list will bring your house up to date, significantly up your curb appeal and provide a great Return on Investment (ROI). Check out our earlier, two part blog post on which upgrades add the most value.

Edit Your Landscaping

It seems like we have all learned this painful lesson. You may have spent money adding trees and large bushes, but guess what? If it has been five years or more, those trees and shrubs could be visually dominating your entire yard. Also, a problem is that your house may look way smaller than it is because it is encased by greenery.

Solution: Start by stepping out into the street and look at your house with fresh eyes. Do some trees need to come down? Can old growth bushes be removed? Can you add some slow growing perennials like hosta and daylilies that won’t get overgrown while still brining a lot of warmth and texture. Other suggestions include adding fresh mulch, and annual color in pots.

Repair Siding and Trim

Lots of homes have wood trim around the windows and invariably with the Atlanta moisture and heat, they do tend to break down over time. Delaying replacing or repairing siding can also make the problem worse. If your home is brick check for missing mortar and make sure you repair.

Check all the trim and siding and repair and repaint. Consider the PVC trim pieces around windows as they are much easier to maintain.

Repair Windows

If you have a window fogging up, you have a problem. Replace them. Also check caulking around frames and glazing on panes.

Front Door Impact Opportunity

Your front door is an opportunity. The eye goes right to it and potential buyers obviously walk right up to it and walk through it, so take advantage! The trend of painting a front door a fun and welcoming color is ALMOST always a good idea, as long as you are choosing something that works well with other elements on the house. Do not be random just for the sake of being bold!

If you are nervous about making a bad choice, you can always paint a couple sample boards and lean them against the front door for and live with them a couple days. Your choice will get clearer with time!


House numbers, mailbox numbers, even front door handles are all hardware that can make a home look dated super-fast, but can also help transform it really quickly. Again, make sure styles you choose help support the style of the home. Resist the urge to choose it just because you like it.

For a list of what not to do to your house, check out our earlier blog post “Top 5 Things Not to Do to our House.”

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