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Designers, Architects and Homeowners are going glass. No longer just for windows, glass is surfacing in all sorts of interesting places. We are seeing it as window walls, folding window walls (both in interiors and exteriors), railings, and room partitions just to name a few.

What’s behind this trend? Several factors. Read on for why and how glass is becoming a material of choice.

Revolution in Glass Quality.

Glass has improved dramatically. Technological improvements like increased insulation and weatherproofing have opened up many possibilities. High Performance panes are showing up and showing off the outdoors like never before. In our strong desire to bring the outdoors in, glass is the “window” to get the job done.

Contemporary Architecture is Hot.

This architectural style is making a huge comeback due to the cultural desire to simplify, declutter and to create space around us without the visual clutter of stuff. Open, light filled spaces are the hallmarks of contemporary architecture. So to achieve that look, lighter and brighter interiors deliver.

Natural Light is Good for the Body and Soul.

Homeowners are craving the benefits of more natural light and desire to be connected to the outdoors for the physical and psychological benefits. We all know how good Vitamin D is for us, and we also know how bad Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is for us; so it’s no surprise that health and mood concerns are also driving this trend.

Black Frames or Not at ALL.

The black frame around the window is huge right now. Dark gray, black, dark brown and matte finish are all on the rise. It highlights the interior, calling attention to the glass – almost like a framed piece of art. The look can be striking.

Frameless Showers and Room Patricians.

Both these glass applications are prevalent. Frameless showers present a seamless see through look (so make sure you are comfortable with that) before adding your own. Room Partitions give some separation and privacy but don’t block out the light, creating an illusion of an open floor plan while allowing some division of spaces.

Looking for more ways to incorporate glass into your home? Use what you have.

Take down your window treatments. Some people do this at least part of the year when it’s fall or spring for instance just to have a full view at the beauty happening right out their windows. Try it- you may decide to leave them down.

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