Top 5 Questions You Should Ask An Agent BEFORE You Hire Them.

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Below is a list of  the top 5 questions you should ask an agent BEFORE you hire them.

1. How Much Experience Do You Have as an Agent?

Experienced agents are invaluable. In a few years, agents will have encountered plenty of unusual and difficult transactions. While a rookie agent may be incredibly enthusiastic, there is no substitute for experience.

2. What is Your Marketing Plan for my Home?

Many of the most successful agents are connected to large brokerages ensure a great network to market their properties. However, the best ones, reach into their own pockets to provide additional marketing. For example, Chatel Group is wildly successful because they consistently markets properties through their own personally funded websitesocial media,  email and direct mail.

In addition, professionally shot photography matters a great deal as much of buying and selling is digital and bad photography just will not cut it. Sarah and Lisa consistently use the most professional photographers and videographers to maximize the appeal of their client’s properties. Check out their stunning photo and video galleries.

3. May I See Multiple References? (And Look for Some Yourself)

Once you ask the agent for references, ask for the contact information as well so you can ask additional questions. There are several places online that agents are reviewed. Look for them.

4. Will You Guarantee Some Time for Me to Review Documents in Advance?

The multitude of forms in virtually any real estate transaction can be daunting. It is ok to ask for and expect some help and guidance on how to understand them. Your agent should make them available to you in advance and be willing to patiently talk you through all questions.

5. Can you help me with other Things that Come Up During This Process?

The best agents have an incredibly detailed list of vetted professionals to deal with the expected and the unexpected that comes along with buying and selling a house. From movers and handymen to art appraisers and security services, this is a value added, concierge service that your agent should be able to provide. Check out Chatel Groups Concierge providers here.

You will not find, more highly qualified, experienced real estate team in Atlanta. Contact Chatel Group today and get started.