Top 10 Cosmetic Updates to Make before You List Your Home

Garden patio decorated with Scandinavian wicker sofa and coffee table

Every home is different in terms of what needs to be done before you list it. Some times its structural repairs like roofs and windows, and other costly improvements that happen behind the walls that you never get to see!

But Sarah and Lisa believe there is an essential list of 10 cosmetic improvements that amount to a fairly low investment on the part of the seller, but deliver a big impact, and most importantly, once competed will help your home sell faster and for more money.

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Fresh Paint in the Right Color

Light paints like gray, beige, greige and white are all sure picks. They provide a light and bright feeling that visually maximizes square footage and makes buyers feel good.

Crown Molding

Create a polished, finished and yes expensive look with crown molding. Some people say crown molding is like the perfect accessory to create the well-dressed room.

New Hardware

Fresh updated hardware in classic nickel or brushed brass can deliver sophisticated polish to bathrooms and kitchens quickly, while delivering the perfect amount of bling.

Stain the Hardwood Floors

This is truly a big job but it delivers big results. Imperfections and scratches can disappear with sanding, then added fresh stain can breathe life in the space.

Freshen Up Tile

Deep clean tile and grout to freshen up, or replace backsplashes or shower floors with a completely new tile. Keep it a neutral color and a simple shape.

Ceiling Fans + Light Fixtures

A dated ceiling fan is the fastest way to bring a room down, and a new stylish light fixture is the fastest way to bring a room up. There are so many choices for each that are very affordable and can really dial up the wow factor quickly.

Paint the Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets

Gone are the days of ripping out the cabinets without first trying a less expensive fix. Options are to paint the doors and boxes, or paint the boxes and replace the doors, hinges and hardware for an instant upgrade.

Replace Bath Fixtures

Go from boring to spa like in your bath by replacing old, outdated fixtures. It’s a way to instantly add drama and sophistication to your bathroom.

Dial Up Your Curb Appeal

Trim all the overgrown bushes and trees. Add mulch and seasonal flowers. Clean up and paint your mailbox. Pressure wash your roof, entrance path and driveway. Finally, consider a fun pop of color for your front door.

Stage an Outdoor Space

A bistro table and chairs, a small water feature, a fire pit, or gazebo are the perfect way to create and define some outdoor living space. It doesn’t need to be huge, just make it warm and inviting.

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If you would like any advice on what you need to do before you list your property, or if you are thinking of listing, please contact Sarah and Lisa today. They are here to offer you advice and share their wisdom with you so you can spend your money and your time wisely.