The Importance of Home

Young woman working at desk at home using laptop, holding baby on her lap. Portrait of smiling mother writing post on moms blog while her infant son playing with toy

The fact that we are a successful Real Estate Group means we eat, sleep and breathe all things related to real estate. As such, we are keenly aware of just how important “home” is to (mostly) everyone. But over the last few months, there has been a change, frankly somewhat of a seismic shift in our collective conscious when it comes to the Importance of Home.

Shelter in Place

All of sudden millions of people were required to not only sleep in their homes, but work, eat, often educate their children, and hang out in their homes. School aged children were home and in many cases, college aged children also showed up. Sheltering in place demanded a great deal more from us, and we in turn are demanding more from our homes.

Home as Office

If you were fortunate to have a dedicated home office, good for you! If you were not, and suddenly you needed to work from home, it more than likely presented some challenges. This new demand has home office trending way up on the must have list for buyers, and builders of new construction and renovation construction are being called to include a home office and in some cases two home offices. Sound proofing, privacy and strong Wi-Fi all come in at the top of the list. Here are some inspiring home offices.

Home as Restaurant

With restaurants closed, cooking has become increasingly important to home owners. Kitchens have always sold houses, but kitchens that are packed with all the bells and whistles are even more important. The big island is in demand more than ever for family to gather around and cook together.

Home as Recreation

The Rec Room of the 80’s is surging in popularity. A dedicated space where kids and families can entertain themselves is almost a necessity. Media rooms sort of took the rec room over, but now, preferences are flipping back to pool, ping pong and game tables.

The demand for outdoor pools is unprecedented, with some pool companies now only offering a wait list to homeowners wanting to put in a pool. Need inspiration? Check out these ideas.

Home as Sanctuary

In the COVID-10 era, it’s impossible not to look at how everything has changed, and that includes how people are viewing their homes. What may have worked in the past, may not be working at all. Creating your own home to be office, recreation center, home school, restaurant and finally sanctuary takes skill and determination, and sometimes will require a move. Today’s home sanctuary is way more than just a place to relax, it’s a place that safely serves all your family’s needs- whatever they may be.

If you would like to make changes to your current home, please check out Chatel Group’s Professional Network List on our Concierge Page. You’ll find lot of home professionals to help transform your space.

Look at our current listings, to see if any of these beautiful properties could be a fit for you and your family. Or if you are considering buying or selling, Sarah would love to offer you wisdom, guidance and represent you in your search for The Perfect Home Sanctuary.