Chatel Group’s Commitment to Treating All Clients Equally

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As Realtors, we must agree to multiple tenants, rules and regulations including continuously adhering to the Realtor Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice from the National Association of Realtors.

Chatel Group proudly adheres to this code of ethics, but they also have their own guiding principles. Sarah and Lisa have successfully built their real estate brand by their steadfast commitment to integrity, honesty, and service. Through years of experience and education, they have developed a reputation for kindness, equal treatment of ALL their clients, and giving back.

They have also amassed an amazing track record of ongoing successful relationships with every single client they have ever served. And perhaps what they are most proud of is that EVERY SINGLE CLIENT is treated equally- regardless of price point.

From first time buyers to luxury high end buyers, it is simply the same. Sarah and Lisa believe it is the people NOT the transaction that are the most important.

Chatel Group Representation

Here are just some of the ways Sarah and Lisa make sure ALL their clients are given an exceptional experience.

Help Find You A Home and Help You Sell Your Home

This seems self-explanatory but not entirely. Sarah and Lisa’s approach includes advice and counseling on location, neighborhoods, schools and all things that make a home a fit for you and your family. Living in town for multiple years, gives them a very deep knowledge base about the advantages and disadvantages of all the intown neighborhoods from Brookhaven to Virginia Highlands.

Help Picking A Home Inspector and Attend the Home Inspection.

A reliable home inspector is important on both sides of the transaction. It is vital for your agent to be informed about things that may come up, and there is no better way than to get directly from the horse’s mouth.

 Negotiate any home inspection repair requests.

The knowledge that comes with Chatel Group’s experience is invaluable to negotiation. Experience brings a clear understating of how any issues with the inspection can affect the value of the house and offer leverage in negotiations. This may play out as a price reduction or other concessions at closing. An experienced agent will help you drill down on what to let go of and what to keep.

Communicate with the client, seller’s agent, and buyer’s attorney throughout the sale.

Timely communication with all parties is key and critically important. The best agents recognize that buying or selling a home is an infrequent experience and all the steps and terms are not always easily understood.

So good communication is essential to keep everyone on the same page, and Sarah and Lisa are fantastic at it.

Finalize all loose ends for the closing.

It is a long way to the closing table where little things can get in the way. Lisa and Sarah are on ALL the details, so you can relax (sort of!) and let them take the responsibility.

Sarah and Lisa would love to represent you and deliver an exceptional, five-star experience. Contact them today and move confidently through your real estate experience with the team you can rely on.