Savings in Summer and How to Conserve

There are multiple expensive reasons at present to proactively be “greener.” But the primary reason is THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW.

Fortunately, we don’t have to boil in summer heat in the interest of budget-consciousness. We can all follow these simple summer energy-saving tips to have gentler footprints while keeping the temperature, and our budgets well within comfort-zone.

Check AC

Air conditioners require regular maintenance to function efficiently throughout their years of service. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures poor performance and unnecessarily high energy consumption.

Replace Air Filters

Regular filter replacement is the easiest, and most effective thing we can do to make sure our A/C units run smoothly and efficiently. Clean filters can save between 15% and 20% energy usage dollars.

Choose LED Bulbs

Out with the old (terribly inefficient), in with the new. Those still using incandescent light bulbs should switch to LED lights (the most energy-efficient option available). They use 75% less energy, last 25 times longer, and produce less heat.

Use Your Thermostat Wisely

Set thermostats as high as comfortably possible in the summer. Every degree of extra cooling will increase energy usage six to eight percent. When people are away, set the temperature higher, and reserve the cooler settings for when everybody’s indoors.

Be A Fan of Fans

We are, and the synergy between running fans (relatively cheaply) in conjunction with smart AC usage can save plenty of money. They work best when used together!

Close Your Blinds

Close your blinds or drapes in the daytime to keep out the greenhouse effect of the sun.


In hot, humid climates, a dehumidifier is a perfect partner to our A/C units and a great way to lower humidity levels in our homes. A dehumidifier helps lower energy costs because your A/C won’t have to work as hard.

Avoid the Oven

Cooking with a conventional oven can add unwanted heat to the house, forcing your A/C to work harder. Use the summer heat as an excuse to fire up the backyard barbeque. Outdoor grilling is a summertime tradition for a reason—you can cook delicious meats and veggies while keeping the heat outside.

Wash Strategically

Combine loads and pick your times. Starting the washer and dryer during mid-day heat is not necessary. Instead make early morning hours the time for laundry.

For more tips…Visit Just the US Department of Energy Website.

Need more help making your home as energy efficient as possible? Check out the Chatel Group’s Professional Resource Section on their website.

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