Ready to Move? Here’s Your Guide. (Part 2 of 2)

Closeup of man hand holding cardboard at new home. Young man unpacking boxes in new apartment. Man hand carrying carton box while relocating with his girlfriend.

Welcome back to part two of our blog! We will continue to detail what should help you with your move. Be sure to read Part One where we covered the planning before the packing that will keep you organized. Sarah and Lisa have gone through the moving process with several clients over the years, and if you are planning a local move within Atlanta, or a move to Atlanta, they would love to help!


The most time-consuming part of the moving process is packing, but the tips below may help.

Pack an Essentials Bag

Packing day will be chaotic, so start the process by putting together an essentials bag first. Items needed only while moving, and right after arrival at the new digs. Important documents, medications, chargers, basic toiletries, and changes of clothes are examples.

Keep Clothing in Your Dresser Drawers

Don’t empty your drawers. The clothes and non-breakable items inside your dresser can be easily moved with this packing tip. Wrap the dresser with shrink wrap to keep the drawers from falling out, and protection from dings.

Leave Clothes on Hangers

Leaving clothes on hangers makes them easy to move and set up in your new home. Group them by nine or ten hangers and wrap them in large garbage bags. Alternatively, use a wardrobe box, which includes a metal hanging bar, to hold several hangers with clothes.

Pack Your Bags

Luggage is made for packing and carrying, so use it to your advantage. Suitcases can hold items that are not easily transported in boxes, or to keep valuables and bulky items safe.

Use Towels and Linens as Packing Material

Save money on packing materials by using your linens and towels as padding. Bubble wrap is expensive, and you will need a lot of it. Instead, use your towels and linens to wrap breakables such as dishes, frames, lamps and more.

Take Photos

Snap photos of the complex wiring on the back of your entertainment systems to help with set-up in your new digs. Anything requiring re-assembly after disassembly might make for some helpful photos too. Also, it’s smart to take photos of and fragile or valuable items in case something goes missing, or damaged.

Color Code Boxes

Save time setting up your new home with some planning. Assign a specific color to each room, and label that room’s boxes with that colored marker, or sticker as you pack.

Finally. Moving Day. It will be tough, but you can make it go more smoothly with simple tips like staying hydrated and eating healthy meals. Pack a cooler with drinks and food that will help keep your strength up throughout the day. Get an early start, and enjoy what is bound to be an adventuresome day!

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