Protecting Your Investment: The Top 5 Things to Never Do to Your House

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We say, “never say never” when it comes to home ownership and renovations. But HouseLogic, an online publication about all things real estate, recently compiled a list of the Top 17 Things to Never Do to Your House. As professional realtors, we have seen it all. What some people think is a fantastic idea, is sadly not. So take a look at the Top 5 offenders on the list, and you’ll be armed with some good information when it comes to best practices in protecting your investment.

We’ve chosen these 5 as they are particularly hard to un-do. Once you’ve done them, it’s really hard to go back!

Top 5 Things to Never Do to Your House

1. Tossing the (only) Tub

So you are not a bath person, but if you plan on having kids someday…kids are bath people! Also, for re-sale it could very well be a deal breaker.

2. Plant a Tree Next to Your House or Driveway

This well intentioned idea is really tricky. Trees have roots. Very invasive, quick growing roots that can destroy pipes and lines and wreck your concrete driveway in a matter of months. Also, understand the species of trees you are planting. They get
incredibly big very fast and can end up overwhelming your home making it look like a doll house.

3. Paint over Wallpaper with a Water Based Paint

Yes wallpaper is absurdly difficult to remove. So lots of homeowners decide just to paint over it. Great idea unless you use water based paint. This causes the wallpaper glue to peel. Instead, use an oil-based primer, let it dry completely and then apply latex paint over it.

4. Paint Your Brick Exterior

This is a huge trend in the last few years, but brick needs to breathe and you are literally choking it when you paint it.  Unfortunately, it can cause the foundation to crumble. If you just simply must change the color of your brick, try brick stain. It
bonds with the brick, allowing it to breathe.

5. Tear Out Original Architectural Features

In a lot of the in town Atlanta neighborhoods like Morningside and Midtown where Sarah and Lisa have helped dozens of people find their dream homes, amazing architectural features are plentiful. There are tin ceiling tiles, custom millwork, and lots of mid century modern brick. Think very carefully about replacing these stunning architectural features. Choose to refurbish instead of replace. These features are huge selling points and typically on top of the list of desires for future buyers.

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