Most Popular Features and Amenities for HOME (Part 2 of 2)

In our last blog, we detailed the most highly desired features today’s buyers are looking for. In this blog, the list continues. Read on to learn what buyers want!

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Open Concept

A long running, and highly sought-after staple on the wish list of buyers, the open concept is slipping in popularity. This is in large part to the pandemic. As people were required to use their homes for EVERYTHING- offices, classrooms, entertainment, and day to day living, the need for separation and walls was suddenly a necessity. Open concept is still very popular, but we are seeing it wane slightly.

Open Concept HACK

Hang mirrors to reflect light, paint walls a light color, or remove non load bearing walls.

Grand Kitchen Island

Islands remain hugely popular. We are even starting to see one side rounded, extensions off the island and waterfall edges. Thought of as an ideal gathering spot, and a place for making memories, the kitchen island isn’t going anywhere. For more great kitchen trends, check out our earlier blog post, “The Kitchen Outlook for 2021.

Kitchen Island HACK

Space is required for an island. If you don’t have it, consider a temporary one…an island on wheels, or a bar cart you can gather around.

Free-standing Bathtubs

The free-standing tub is very popular for so many reasons. Anyone who has removed the dated, built-in jacuzzi tubs, are shocked and amazed at the amount of space that is suddenly freed up. We are now seeing free-standing tubs move against the wall slightly – as it makes for easier cleaning around the tub, but they are still making strong statements and they are here to stay.

Free Standing Tub HACK

Again, space is a requirement, and we are seeing some people with space constraints remove their showers to have their dream tub while relegating showers to another bath. The same goes for showers. Where space is a factor, sometimes a modern large shower trumps the tub. One trend is now to put the tub in the shower creating one space for both.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Expansive scenic windows are amazing, particularly when you have something gorgeous to see like an early morning sunset, a tree filled backyard, or a mountain view. There is just no substitute for natural light and a stellar view. In some cases, this element alone sells a home. Also check out our earlier blog post “Trending Home: Glass Everywhere.

Window HACK

If you are not blessed with oversized windows and scenic views you can help create more light. Consider very sheer window treatments – or no window coverings whatsoever. Also think about mirrors opposite your window to reflect more light.

Finally understand that while this long list is meant to reveal what is most popular, there is nothing wrong with personalizing your home to fit you and your family’s needs. In fact, we wrote an entire blog about it! Read “Go Ahead and Personalize Your Home Here”.

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