Most Popular Features and Amenities for HOME (Part 1 of 2)

Chic entrance foyer with high ceiling and wide staircase with lights and contemporary railing. New Custom built home interior.

A Dream Home is essentially a home that has a lot of features and amenities that are on your wish list. While you may not find them all in one home, there are some hacks that can give you the look and feel of items on your wish list.

Here are the amenities that were most often included in HGTV’s Dream Home episodes. Which ones are on your wish list for your dream home?

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Formal Front Porches

Hugely popular, particularly in southern markets like North Atlanta, the spacious front porch is a must have. Perfect for enjoying a morning cup of coffee or a comfy spot from which to offer a friendly hello to strolling neighbors clearly adds value to the living experience. Covered outdoor spaces of all kinds are a heavily desired item, often coming in in the TOP Three of Dream Home Wish Lists. With North Atlanta’s mild winter temperatures, you can enjoy a front porch nearly all year round making it a perfect fit.

Front Porch HACK

Creating a space with a covered trellis, or a bench swing underneath a front yard tree can create an outdoor space that delivers the same welcoming vibe from which to say hello to passing neighbors.


When it comes to fireplaces, the sky is the limit. Or should we say the ceiling is the limit. The fireplace is an opportunity to create a focal point using a wide variety of materials to create texture, color and impact. Fireplaces can be contemporary or traditional – it just depends on how you dress them. Despite mild winters, North Atlanta homebuyers LOVE their fireplaces.

Fireplace HACK

Electric fireplaces have come a long way! Offering a wide variety of style and sizes they are incredible and a highly affordable way to get the look.

Statement Staircases

More than a design choice, and more like an architectural opportunity, statement staircases seem to literally defy gravity. We are seeing staircases that are true pieces of art, and once again can be created to be contemporary or traditional to echo your
home’s style.

Staircase HACK

Let your creativity soar! Painting railings, painting risers, and installing a gallery wall up the stairs are all great ways to transform your stairs.

Next Level Guest Space

The luxury of having a guest space is a wonderful concept, making the guest space next level is incredibly satisfying and will have your friends and family swooning.

Guest Space HACK

Let’s face it, not everyone is going to have an “extra bedroom”. So if you don’t, think about a Murphy Bed in a study or den. You can also step up the hospitality by bringing out some “guest only items” like a guest water pitcher with a fancy drinking glass,
special clean towels and sheets, a dreamy candle and even a plush bathrobe and towels.

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