Making Your Home Smart (Part 2 of 2)

Close-up Of A Person's Hand Operating Refrigerator With Mobile Phone

In our last Website Blog, we explored Smart Thermostats and Smart Lighting and their rising popularity as well as the pros and cons to adding them to your home.

In this Blog Post we will round out the discussion and explore Smart Appliances and Smart Door Locks.


Virtually all appliances are going smart. Microwaves, smart ovens that you can pre-heat on the way home from work, and refrigerators that keep up with shopping list and expired food are all available. The largest sellers among the Smart Appliances are washing machines. You can forget about forgetting to put the load in the dryer because your washing machine will remind you- repeatedly if necessary!

What Makes Them Great Pros

The cool factor is huge for those who go for that sort of thing! I mean seeing what is inside the frig without opening the door is a pretty cool feature AND a great party trick! There is also the practical fact they with all their bells and whistles, they can also cut energy costs thereby saving you money!

Why You Would Hesitate
  • Smart appliances will cost you more. They are expensive to buy and repair.
  • They are dependent on the internet….so that can be a little risky for some people.


Smart Locks work really well for a large number of people which is why we are seeing a lot of these in today’s home. At its most simple, you can unlock a door with your voice or a touch of your finger – which comes in super handy when your arms are full, or it’s late at night and you want to get in quickly instead of fumbling around for your keys in the dark

What Makes Them Great
  • No fumbling around for your keys.
  • Allows you to always keep an eye on your house and see who is coming and going.
  • Safety and peace of mind to see that kids have made it home safely.
  • Individualized codes for people who need access to the home, eg…cleaning person, babysitter etc.
Why You Would Hesitate
  • Battery operated – and batteries do die.
  • Also, they are Wi-Fi dependent.

Are you thinking of adding some smart features to your home? Done properly they will add convenience, savings and of course the cool factor to your life. Sarah and Lisa recommend starting small and focusing on what you think will bring you the most bang for your buck! If you decide to “smarten up” your home, let them know your thoughts.

If you are in search of professionals to help with any of your home maintenance and installations, please check out Chatel Group’s carefully compiled Professional Network list.  In the meantime, should you have any real estate needs or questions, contact them today.

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