Making Your Home Smart (Part 1 of 2)

Mature Woman Adjusting Wall Mounted Digital Central Heating Thermostat Control At Home

Technology offers LOTS of SMART options for our homes. Fortunately, home improvement technology has gotten more user friendly (even for the non techies among us) and more affordable.

These devices can make your home more comfortable, convenient and save you money Let’s look at the main areas of the home where SMART Home Devices have moved in and are making a difference.


The number one “smart seller” in part because heating and AC companies began installing them a while ago. However, also contributing to their popularity is that they will absolutely save you money. In fact, they pay for themselves very quickly.

What Makes Them Great

You are in charge. Basically, you can create customizable programmable settings based on your family’s schedule and weather conditions.

In fact, according to a recent study with results published in Digital Trends, you can save 10% to 12% on heating and 15% on cooling using a smart thermostat. They say this can result in average savings of between $131 and $145 per year on your utility bills.

Smart Thermostats have artificial intelligence and are capable of “learning” your schedule and automatically adjust temperatures whenever you are home…and even turn on the AC or heat 30 minutes prior to your arrival. They also track your maintenance schedule and alert you to when it’s time to change your filters.

Why You Would Hesitate

Although they have come a long way in the user-friendly department, some people still struggle with the technology. While several models install easily, some require professional installation.


Again, as with Smart Thermostats, you are in the driver’s seat with Smart Lighting.

Your actual light bulbs, fixtures, and your smart switches – can be controlled remotely using voice commands when you are home, and you can manage from your cell phone with a couple clicks when you are away.

What Makes Them Great

Easy setup. (Once the wiring is in). You can screw the bulbs into the light fixtures all by yourself. It’s also easy to keep adding to the system if you love it. So, you can start small and then expand.

Why You Would Hesitate

Since it is a retro fit for some fixtures, there isn’t always a bulb for every single fixture. Sometimes the switches with dimmers don’t work well. Finally, you will need to rewire your system and that will likely require a professional for the initial setup.

If you are in search of professionals to help with any of your home maintenance and installations, please check out Chatel Group’s carefully compiled Professional Network list.

Check back next time for Part Two of Our Blog Series on Making Your Home Smart, where will explore Smart Appliances and Smart Door Locks. In the meantime, we Sarah and Lisa are ready to answer any of your real estate questions, and help you make great decisions about your home. Contact them today and we promise it will be a “smart decision”!

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