How to Brighten Your Home’s Interiors

Modern retro design in a attic / loft. Small vintage table with a radio on and two reading chairs under two skylights with a little child reading a book.

With the arrival of the winter months, it’s a great time to think about your home’s interior lighting. Look around and with fresh eyes evaluate to see if your home’s interior spaces are as bright as you like. Read on for several solutions and some tips on things that you can fix that may be contributing to the problem.

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Add Clerestory Windows

If lack of light is a year-round problem and you want to permanently change the problem, add clerestory windows. What are Clerestory Windows?

Clerestory Windows windows that sit along the top of the wall, usually near the roof line, and permit natural light to shine through without compromising on privacy. Because they are placed up high, light reaches much more deeply into the room which makes if feel larger and much brighter. These windows are very effective for brightening up the space, particularly when they are installed on the North or South side of the house to take full advantage of natural lighting. While these windows are commonly associated with the midcentury style of architecture, they have been around for centuries.

For inspiration, check out this Clerestory Window Gallery from Architectural Digest


Skylights were a staple in legendary Frank Lloyd Wright designs… and for good reason. Often referred to as dome or barrel vault roof lights, or residential skylights were and are one of the best solutions to let the light in and brighten up a home. They have come a long way and don’t need to be basic at all. In fact, there are companies that are thriving at producing gorgeous
architectural features that are in essence – skylights!

Step Outside and Look at Your Landscape

In Atlanta, the following is a common scenario. You buy your home and want to add landscape to your exterior. Because of the long growing season and copious amounts of sun and rain, that little tree you planted three, short years ago is now dwarfing your house and is blocking sunlight from streaming in your window. Take overgrown trees down and keep shrubs trimmed so they don’t block light from windows.

Reflective Paint

It doesn’t need to be fluorescent yellow! Use a bright white reflective paint. Bright white paint on windowsills alone will reflect or bounce so much light into your space!

Create a Plan for Your Fixtures

The best lit rooms are lit with a variety of fixtures that create a layered effect. The most successful rooms use a combination of overhead, ambient, task, and accent lighting. Strategically placed, fixtures can transform your space.

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