Homeowners Association (HOA) What You Need to Know PART (2 of 2)

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As we detailed in our part one of this two-part series, buying a home or condominium that has a Homeowner’s Association can have some things like rules, restrictions, and fees that you may not be able to abide by. We simply would not be doing our jobs well if we didn’t inform you of all the factors so you can make informed decisions. However, Sarah and Lisa truly believe that there are far advantages to having your property protected by an HOA than not. Let’s look at some of those here.


Maintaining Property Value and Protecting Your Investment.

The primary advantage of an HOA is to ensure that your property value is maintained or increased and as such, your investment is protected.

Providing a Sense of Community

HOA’s help provide a sense of community. Especially important in this day and age when so many people are isolating, and unable to be out and about to socialize with neighbors.

Social Opportunities

HOA’s encourage neighbors to “bring it together” for community activism by providing opportunities via attendance at meetings, organization of social events like block parties, and holiday parties, and by keeping neighborhood gathering places clean and beautiful.


Access to great amenities like a pool or tennis courts is fun for the whole family. Maintenance of those common areas and amenities is one of the primary functions of an HOA. This includes the neighborhood’s common landscaping areas. Many HOAs also feature perks like clubhouses, community swimming pools, playgrounds, tennis courts, and even pickleball courts… all maintained and funded by the HOA.

Living in a community with an HOA can be a great option for homeowners, however, it’s not the right choice for everyone. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of an HOA as you look for your new home.

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