Home Upgrades for Adding Value (Part 2 of 2)

Plumber using electric screwdriver. Bathroom renovation concept. Marble ceramic tiles with spacers and grey cement walls in bathroom. Industrial builder working in toilet

This is Part Two of Chatel Group’s Blog on Home Upgrades that offer the most Return on Investment (ROI) as well as other tips for making upgrades to your home.

Window Replacement

Sadly if your home is over fifteen years old, it may not even be up to code. Vinyl replacement windows give you more in return opposed to wood ones. Also, the beauty of vinyl is that you won’t have to worry about the maintenance cost of replacing rotting wood. Windows on average offer a 72 percent return on investment.

Check out this Window Replacement Cost Calculator.

Bathroom Upgrade

Bathrooms like kitchens help sell houses, however also like kitchens, they are a pain to remodel as the job is somewhat messy and time consuming. Best advice is to keep it classic. This isn’t the time to be bold with your design choices. Offering a little over 50-70 percent return on investment, when upgrading bathrooms, it’s vital to stay on budget. Read through Chatel Group’s earlier website blog Bathroom Remodel for more tips and inspiration.


Curb Appeal is such an important concept that there is literally a show on HGTV called Curb Appeal. It’s also a fact that potential buyers decide in large part about how they feel about a prospective home when they pull up in front of it. So, curb appeal is really important. You want to feel great when you pull up in front of your own home, and you certainly don’t want prospective drivers to drive away.

Perennials are wonderful as they return year after year. So are specimen trees that produce gorgeous blooms in spring. Japanese Maples are more of an investment, but you can buy a small one and over time, it will become magnificent.

The keys are to keep the beds neat and properly mulched. The Atlanta go-tos are Pine Straw or Mulch. Dyed mulch holds its color longer and offers a great look.

Resist putting in too many trees. This is a common mistake. Trees and shrubs get very big, very quickly. The result is that your home may look tiny in comparison. Trees and shrubs are meant to accent your home, not compete with it or obscure its features.

Check out this Growing Guide for Georgia to explore the best planting practices.

Basement Build Out

Basements can be amazing. In today’s climate, a lot of homeowners are maximizing their spaces using every inch of their homes, and are embracing the basement.

Here are some tips. Think zones – a sizeable space can give homeowners gyms, media rooms, offices, playrooms, game rooms, or even a mother-in-law suite or apartment.

Make sure any excess moisture is addressed first, and then add spaces that you will use this most. Basement remodels deliver a whopping 50-100 percent ROI depending on the quality of materials.

Check out Chatel Group’s list of trusted professional network that may be able to assist you with your upgrade efforts.

Sarah recently went through her own upgrades at her home.  See photos in Part 1 of our Home Upgrades blog.

Please contact Chatel Group today with any questions you may have about upgrades to your home. They are your complete real estate team who can help, advise, and guide you on your real estate journey!