Home Improvement ROI Click for 2017 Highest ROI Projects
Recent and long-time trends continued, reports Remodeling. Curb appeal projects like changes to doors, windows and siding garnered a higher ROI than work done inside the home. Replacement projects, like doors or windows, scored higher among real estate pros than did remodels.

Remodel & addition costs Click for Remodel & Addition Costs
What do you hope to accomplish with the project and how much do you have to spend? These major construction projects can be scary and expensive. But doing homework on the front end can help you develop a firm budget, a clear vision and a more fruitful relationship with your contractors.

Appliance Cost Guid Click for Appliance Cost Guide
Whether we need to install new appliances or repair existing gadgets, the money spent generally falls into the category of “sound investment.” How much you’ll pay depends on a number of factors

Hiring Architects & Engineers Click for Architect & Engineer Cost Guide
An architect can translate your individual requirements, dreams and thoughts into the form of a plan. An engineer uses scientific knowledge, mathematics and ingenuity to develop solutions.

Finished Basment
Click for Basement Cost Guide
Finished basements can be the sites of stunning achievements or apocalyptic home disasters. Problems there can significantly decrease the value of your home, while cost-effective finishing work can add livable square footage, vastly increasing its value.

Bathroom Remodel Costs Click for Bathroom Remodel Costs
In terms of both improving your lifestyle and your home value, bathrooms might be best for improvements and upgrades. However, it can get expensive fast, so set priorities and decide where to splurge and where to save.

Decking Cost Guide Click for Decking Cost Guide
Decks and porches can elevate your quality of life several notches. Done right, they add to the look and value of your home and create outdoor spaces for parties, stargazing or just hanging out, cocktail in hand, watching the world go by.

Door & Window Cost Guide Click for Door & Window Cost Guide
Doors and windows carry a heavy workload. Not only do they play a significant role in the aesthetics of your home, inside and out, they also shoulder the responsibilities of keeping people out, keeping your family safe, keeping your heating and air conditioning in and keeping the weather out.

Electrical Cost Guide Click for Electrical Cost Guide
The electrical power that courses through your home is like your house’s life blood. It makes things work. Ceiling fans, computer networks, lights and maybe even your heating and cooling depend on it.

Flooring Cost Guide Click for Flooring Cost Guide
It’s where your children play. It’s what you and your true love dance on. It’s the thing that tells your feet you’ve arrived home. Flooring plays a pivotal role in your house.

Heating & Cooling Cost Guide Click for Heating & Cooling Cost Guide
Your HVAC system is arguably one of the most important aspects of home maintenance and one you will notice the most when it’s not working.

Which Home Improvements Payoff Click for Home Improvements That Pay Off
According to Remodeling Magazine (http://www.remodeling.hw.net/) you’re less likely to recoup your investment in a major kitchen or bathroom remodel than you are to get back what you spend on basic home maintenance such as new siding.

Home Maintenance Checklist Click for Home Maintenance Checklist
Like a health physical, routine maintenance is important for every home’s upkeep and well-being. Continuing to check up on your exterior, appliances, heating and cooling, plumbing, security, and electrical systems will help prevent breakdowns, save money, and keep your home looking its best.

Kitchen Renovation Guide Click for Kitchen Renovation Cost Guide
The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms to renovate because it yields a high return on investment. Any money you spend on a kitchen renovation is money you can expect to see back in higher resale values.

Landscape Cost Guide Click for Landscape Cost Guide
Your home’s landscaping makes up a central part of its character. Its personality. Costs for landscaping will hinge on the extent of your ambitions. Are you moving into a new home, working with a blank slate? Are you moving into an existing home and want the landscaping to reflect your style?

Lawn & Garden Price Guide Click for Lawn & Garden Price Guide
The desire for foliage is so deep that our homes must include connections to the natural world. The worth of well-tended lawns and gardens is measured in quality of life and home resale value.

Plumbing Cost Guide Click for Plumbing Cost Guide
Rarely does somebody set out to upgrade their plumbing. The pipes transporting fresh water to your home and waste water from your home tend to do their jobs with the kind of anonymity reserved for theatrical stage hands. You don’t appreciate them until something goes wrong.

Roofing Cost Estimate Guide Click for Roofing Cost Estimate Guide
Roofs perform such an essential function that “keeping a roof over your head” is synonymous with shelter. They keep moisture from destroying your home and protect the interior from inclement climate conditions.

Yearly DIY Home Maintenance Click for Yearly DIY Inspection on Your Home
Use this detailed checklist as a guide as you look around for leaks, cracks, breaks, wear, and every other conceivable problem that can develop over the year. Then make a repair list to keep up on maintenance in the coming months.

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