Go Ahead and Personalize Your Home!

Sarah and husband Peter are in the process of renovating their Morningside bungalow. Check out the gorgeous tiles they chose for the bathroom that are specific to the home, but also reflect their personal tastes. Also see how their choices in colors breathe life into their home, and are a reflection of their warm and vibrant personalities.

More and more homeowners are looking for ways to personalize their home by bringing some creative and unique elements into play.

Before you think we don’t know what we are talking about and swear that ALL the advice you have read argues the contrary, are not talking by outrageous renovations and weird hard to undo choices. But rather we are talking about fun and clever elements that suite your personality and make you smile.

Call it staying home for the past year, seven days a week – 24 hours a day – or just the need to have our spaces be more of a reflection of us, we’re seeing a longing for this and many more homeowners adding personalization to their spaces.

Here are some suggested ways and places to express your unique taste that are incredibly easy to undo.


Perhaps the easiest decorative choice to undo, paint gives you so many options. Not only color choices but where you choose to use it.

Front Door Easy to do and delivers a statement

Pantry/Pocket Door Check out Sarah’s kitchen remodel and her vibrant paint choice for a pocket door. Sarah went with this color long before it was trendy to bring her sunny disposition into her home.


Think appliances are boring? Think again. Check out the polka dots on this washer and dryer. It’s hard not to smile when you look at this washer and dryer.


Transform a closet into a clever wine cellar. Creative and easy to install and uninstall.


Your backyard is a great place to personalize. Think about customizing your fence, painting the concrete patio or back porch, bring in an old clawfoot tub to use as a planter. Rain barrels can also serve as a canvas to paint what you please.

If you are planning on being in your home for the foreseeable future, we encourage you to make it something that you like to come home to! For any and all of your buying, selling, or personalizing questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Sarah and Lisa of Chatel Group. They would love to help you.