Curb Appeal to Increase Your Home’s Value (Part 2 of 2)

view of firepit and happy smiling family of two, father and son, enjoying time together in the background

In Part One of our Blog Post, we covered a few of the things you can do to add curb appeal, value, and personal enjoyment to your home on the outside. In Part Two, we are continuing to list some of the most popular options. Most of which are very affordable and offer an excellent ROI (Return on Investment).


Gorgeous landscape lighting makes such an impact; it’s no wonder that it makes the list for increasing your home’s value. Not only does outdoor lighting accentuate your home’s architecture and landscaping features, but it is also an excellent safety feature as well.

We also know that savvy potential buyers do drive by perspective homes at night. Well placed outdoor lights have an ROI of 50%-60%, and increase your property values by as much as 20%. LED lights are real energy savers and solar options have come a long way in recent years. Here’s a recently published list from Better Homes and Garden.

  • Best Flood Light: Hampton Bay Outdoor LED Landscape Flood Light
  • Best Kit: Kichler Low-Voltage Hardwired Landscape Lighting Kit
  • Best Solar Spotlight:  Lerekam Solar Spotlights
  • Best Well Lights: Sunriver Low Voltage Landscape Well Lights
  • Best Pathway Lights:  Balhvit Solar Pathway Lights
  • Best with Timer: Hampton Bay LED Landscape Path Light Kit
  • Best Value:  Sunpo Solar Pathway Lights
  • Best Bullet Lights: Newhouse Lighting LED Bullet Spotlight

Add Fire

Fire Pits are extremely popular in Atlanta because of our year-round mild temperatures and our available back yard space. Fire Pits grew even more popular during the COVID-19 lockdown. Offering the perfect outdoor gathering focal point, a firepit works for everyone – young couples, families with kids, and older adults.

On average, adding a fire pit cost approximately $700, however it can go much higher depending on materials, size and bells and whistles.

Create Privacy

Back decks and yards, along with side yards can be wonderful spaces for your home, but consider making them more private. “Born out of the pandemic, we are seeing a lot of homeowners create what amounts to essentially outdoor rooms”, says Sarah.

You can accomplish creating privacy in a multitude of creative ways. One of the most dramatic is using Evergreen Trees as a natural wall. There are varieties with very defined shapes, and the beauty is you will have a dark green screen year-round to enjoy while achieving privacy.

Fresh Mulch

Fresh mulch goes a long way to make the entire yard look better. Not only does it create a fresh look, but applied properly, it’s helps to reduce evaporation, prevent weed growth, moderate the soil temperature, and inhibit erosion.

Check out all the dyed options available. You can choose from dark brown, black even red to compliment your homes’ exterior. The dyed varieties hold their color much longer in the intense Atlanta summers. Check out this article from The Home Depot on How to Pick the Right Color Mulch.

You can go to Chatel Group’s Concierge page to see a detailed list of professionals Sarah and Lisa recommend to help you with all things related to your home, including landscapers, painters and handymen.

Sarah and Lisa would love to help you assess your curb appeal and offer suggestions and resources to help you. Contact them today and get your plans together.