Buying A Home in a Pandemic

Healthy diverse colleagues in facial masks bumping elbows.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a pandemic! In spite of it being the weirdest time in our lives and having “stories to tell our grandchildren,” the number of Buyers in the market for a home is unprecedented.

We’re working from home, maintaining relationships which have gone through challenges because we are together all the time. Whether it’s looking for a new job, being teachers to our children, reworking our Vision Boards or generally fighting malaise
as we browse through Zillow and to find a better place to quarantine with our loved ones. With the new normal, we’re discovering we need different things in a home purchase than we thought we did a year ago.

“Work from home” is the new mandate and Buyers are looking for quiet spots in their homes where they won’t be interrupted by Fido, or Susie chasing a soccer ball. Zoom is the word for 2020 and we all need a cool looking space to do those endless video calls.

Getting clarity on what your new home buying requirements are is key right now. With housing inventory and interest rates at all time lows, Buyers are fighting for who’s going to snag that new listing.

Below are some fundamental questions to ask yourself that will help you drill down on what you want, and help define your search for a new home.


It’s a great idea to start with price in any market. Fortunately with a Mortgage Calculator, you can quickly figure this out. The last thing you want to do is fall in love with something that is completely out of reach. Think of it as a healthy boundary before you fall in love!


If you have children, schools are still going to get top ranking in a Buyer’s checklist. However, if you don’t have kids to consider, your prime location may be to buy near a lake, outdoor facilities, within walking or biking distance to restaurants which serve take out or have outdoor patios.


Are you looking to buy in a subdivision that has a pool or playground? What other amenities might a neighborhood provide that your current living situation doesn’t?

Move-in Ready or Needs Work

Are you willing to do any work on your house? What is your comfort level? Does it need a complete overhaul, a bathroom or kitchen renovation or does it just need fresh paint? If you don’t feel comfortable doing any of these things, be honest with
yourself and tell your Realtor that information. Vetting properties and ferreting out “needs TLC” vs “move-in ready” will save you time as you look in a very tight market.


Fear of missing out can sometimes paralyze Buyers into not making a decision on a great property because they think they might miss out on something tomorrow. Trust your instincts. If you take a big sigh when you walk through the door of a house, consider yourself “home.”

Interior Layout

Do you need a private office aka bedroom for your zoom/conference calls? Do you need a place for home schooling the kids?


Do you like to do yard walk? Do you want a vegetable garden or a landscaped retreat? Would you like a pool or room for one? Would a firepit be in your future where you can get together with neighbors to physical distance and still socialize?

Knowing what you want and being as specific as possible will be the fastest way to find the home of your dreams. From Emory to Sandy Springs, Sarah and her team have detailed knowledge of homes by neighborhood that can help you determine where you want to be. Having a savvy Realtor who can find off market homes will also help!

Sarah and Chatel Group have successfully found the perfect home for dozens and dozens of buyers. Their vast experience, Concierge Services and market resources all go to work for you. Please contact them today to get started.