Bathroom Remodel: First Step is to Think.

Modern bathroom interior with blue double vanity and glass shower.

If there’s a bathroom remodel on the horizon, you will benefit from putting yourself through some mentally challenging exercises well before you break out the sledgehammer.

One of the biggest ticket remodels is the bathroom, so it really makes sense to figure out not only your plans, but what you hope to accomplish and why, so you can avoid a really bad case of remodel regret.

Bathroom Basics

Start with the basics. These questions can firm up the real practical nuts and bolts of what you would need to make the space work for you right now.

  • Who uses this bathroom?
  • What is their routine look like? How if at all isn’t the space providing for them? For instance, your spouse loves a bath and the tub is too small to enjoy a luxurious bath.
  • Are you planning to move? Or, stay in the house for at least another 10 years?
  • Do you have enough storage?
  • How’s the lighting?
  • How are the outlets working for you?
  • Are the floors cold?

Once you determine your basic needs, wants, desires, and your current bathroom’s shortcomings, it’s time to think about the bigger picture which is the why?

Why Are You Remodeling?

Sometimes this becomes a tricky thing to nail down to one reason, because it can legitimately be a combination of all three. But as you read through try to be honest and rate the three from most true to least true.

My Bathroom is Suffering from a Serious Time Warp.

Like fashion, styles change and bathrooms are no exception. Changing styles and wear and tear can really make a bathroom look uninviting and have you in and out as soon as possible instead of actually enjoying the space.

However, if your bathroom has some good bones, you may want to consider a refresh instead. Updating cabinets by painting or replacing doors, changing hardware, plumbing and lighting fixtures and painting the walls.

Kate Lester Interiors

It’s all About that Resale.

If you are remodeling for resale, then leave your personal tastes behind and have a deep understanding on what is on trend and (depending when you want to list) maybe on emerging trends.

Tap into designers and in the know and real estate agents like Sarah and Lisa, to make sure your dollars bring you the best return possible.

It Does Not Function at All.

If you can’t see to apply your make-up, the tub is too small and the shower is horrible, your remodel will be for you and the next owners. Functionality is important in a bathroom and it’s important that the space works well for you.

Planning and Budget.

Bathrooms can be very expensive, so some people do much better setting a budget in advance that they absolutely stick to. The median spend on master bathroom remodels in the U.S. is $7,000, according to a 2018 Houzz bathroom trends study.  But it’s not unusual for extreme bathroom remodels to cost up to $50,000 or more.

Setting a budget well in advance, will help ensure you won’t be tempted in a weak moment to add a fireplace and heated floors if the budget doesn’t allow. Add up to $5000 for contingencies, because especially if you are moving walls and plumbing you
may have some “hidden” costs.

Looking for inspiration? Check out HGTV’s Master Bathroom Gallery.

Please contact Sarah and Lisa today to talk through our bathroom remodel or any of your real estate questions.